Terms & Conditions

EthicalBrands.com is an open forum to any individual that wishes to converse about ethics and how he or she can channel it from a personal approach or as part of an organization. To achieve this, discussion boards like the Think tank enable stating opinions, comments or thoughts related to the website’s topics. Thus, facilitating this forum implies content and comment moderation, in order to guarantee harmony and proper dialogue. Offensive, slanderous and/or defamatory discussions should be avoided.

It’s worthwhile mentioning that several countries have laws against libel, defamation and slander. As a user you must be liable to not incur in these crimes. Ethical Brands does not hold itself liable user comments and will moderate those that infringe laws, to prevent any individual, company or entity from being put down.


Honesty commitment


As a Think Tank participant, and in the spirit of honouring the rules of engagement goals for the website, I abide with the following agreements to interact in an educated, fair, respectful and ethical manner.

• My opinions shall be personal and will not incur in plagiarism. When posting a comment or specific quote, I will reference the source material.

• I will not register with more than one account.

• I will not incur in dishonourable actions aimed at damaging a specific entity or specific person through my comments.

• I shall post short comments, avoiding grandiose or roundabout statements.

• I’ll recognise that not all participating users share the same knowledge, culture and skills; I shall respect the diversity of the opinions posted.

• I’ll post my comments in a clear way, taking into consideration style and writing standards. I will refrain from using inappropriate, rude or vulgar language, as well as from posting offensive messages.

• I will not use the Ethical Brands website to publish statements that are unrelated to its topics.

• I shall be understanding of others’ mistakes and comments that I feel are not correct, and will reply in a respectful and courteous manner.

• I’ll facilitate dialogue within a friendly environment that fosters learning, and I’ll refrain from misinterpreting the published content; rather, I’ll enrich it through my contributions.


Participating in Ethical Brands implies the compliance of the aforementioned conditions, in order to publish content and stating opinions on the discussion forums. In addition to these rules, Ethical Brands honors the Netiquette standards for participation in forums:

1. Remember that users that participate in the Internet are human beings.

2. Behave in the same way in which you would in real life.

3. Each website has its terms of service. Ethical Brands is not a space in which you can violate ethical behaviour.

4. Respect others’ time through effective engagement.

5. You are known in the web through what you write. Writing in an articulate, respectful and effective manner will reveal your best self.

6. Share your knowledge with other users.

7. Dialogue should follow certain guidelines, controversy should be avoided.

8. Respect other users’ privacy.

9. Don’t abuse your possible privileges.

10. Be objective concerning the topics in which you participate, in an effort to avoid threats to the collective good.


Ethical Brands has the complete right to moderate comments that do not comply with these standards, and will restrain the participation of those users that don’t abide by its rules of engagement; even to the point of banning participation due to inappropriate behaviour. When signing up in the forum, these user standards are accepted, as well as Ethical Brands’ decisions concerning my conduct as a participant.